gaming company wants to review your game and assess its sales potential, to see if we can work together to maximise the outcome. our support spans from financial commitments to providing design and conceptual support, to marketing and publishing the game on worldwide markets.

  1. you need to make a contact first, giving us a sign that you have a project and want to talk about it.
    email us at hello@gaming-company.com

  2. upon reviewing your game and the state of affairs, we may present you with a formal offer to publish the game. it shall normally include the proposed financial arrangements, timelines and schedules, localisation versions, ports to other platforms, promotional ideas strategy and marketing outline.

  3. once you’re decided to move forward, we negotiate and sign a Contract.

  4. you and us then work towards reaching their goals, eventually releasing the game on agreed platforms and markets.

  5. the efforts don’t stop with the release. contrary, we strive for generating long term sales, lasting years after the initial release.

  6. our work is transparent. you regularly receive updates, sales reports, as well as any feedback, and of course payments.

  7. we love long term relationships. it’s our goal to make you happy, and develop your next game together.


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© 2018 gamingcompany ltd
total privacy policy
all terms and no conditions
contact us: hello@gaming-company.com